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Reflection: How’d I do?

Approaching this course, a little over three months ago, I anticipated to expand my skills in properly presenting and conveying messages/media digitally. Truthfully, I didn’t know what that would entail entirely, but I expected work in photography, video, and writing via online publications.  Now, nine blog posts later, I have gained experience with a cameraContinue reading “Reflection: How’d I do?”


Video Storytelling: The Art of Tattoos

As the semester came to a close, I was presented with my final journalistic assignment: the Video storytelling project. Despite the limitations of current social distancing, I hoped to still produce something interesting and of quality. Especially, when considering the visual elements of the assignment. Jake Bathens, long-time bartender, and I work together. I oftenContinue reading “Video Storytelling: The Art of Tattoos”

Google My Maps: Printing Your Art

Printing art can be overwhelming, but for an artist, gaining control of the printing process is absolutely necessary.  Carlos Gonzales is a senior art student at the University of Wyoming, and has spent several years crafting quality prints in various formats and mediums for projects related to his education and personal uses. Back in 2016,Continue reading “Google My Maps: Printing Your Art”

Live-Tweeting: Croft’s Psych Capstone Presentation

I used a journalistic approach in live tweeting Eston Croft’s capstone presentation for the University of Wyoming’s psychology department. I chose this approach because the purpose of this event was to inform an audience. Therefore, to effectively relay this information I conveyed a journalistic tone to my Twitter followers.  This project was difficult for meContinue reading “Live-Tweeting: Croft’s Psych Capstone Presentation”

Audio Profile: Your Brain on DMT

Brandon Canino My discussion with Brandon Canino transpired rather naturally, as he is someone I have engaged in numerous conversations with concerning his background and education in biology and chemistry (more like he talks and I listen). I was surprised when he informed me of his profession, initially. I met the neuroscientist at a musicContinue reading “Audio Profile: Your Brain on DMT”

Em Whipple: Layering, Process, and Craft.

For student artist Em Whipple, any piece of work is more than its final product. For Whipple, layers of hard work, material, thought, and process all go into each part of creating a piece of artwork, let alone a series. The developing printmaker has now received awards and high praise for their most recent series;Continue reading “Em Whipple: Layering, Process, and Craft.”

Stepping Behind The Lens of a Photojournalist

I was walking to class and stumbled upon Phamunior, high above me in the air, reaching above her head. At first, shooting was a slightly uncomfortable and difficult. When I asked Phamunior if I could photograph her she was quite timid. In addition to that, my frame was being disrupted by groups of students thatContinue reading “Stepping Behind The Lens of a Photojournalist”

Learning Photography (and Creative Devices)

This week I put my skills with a camera to the test, specifically regarding creative devices in photography. Luckily this ‘test’ was take home and I could try over and over until I was satisfied with my outcome. Like most people I have experience with a camera, but I’ve spent little time actually crafting theContinue reading “Learning Photography (and Creative Devices)”