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Practice Makes Perfect

If you told me I would be doing this a month ago I would have told you you were insane. Therefore, I might need a couple posts to get better at this. So, here we go. 

Over the course of this semester I hope to gain more experience creating digital media content, blogging, branding myself, and writing for the web.  

One skill that I am particularly looking forward to social media management. It is all about who you know, or better yet who knows you and your work. As an aspiring artist I believe social media is a great tool for exposure when used correctly. I do not possess any knowledge regarding social media of one’s own business or brand. Therefore, with graduation getting closer each day I cannot wait for the opportunities this class will allow me to have.  

My plans after college are unclear. I have a considerable amount of interest in diverse areas regarding a career. I have utilized my time in college to expose myself to as many things as possible. This has also led me to have various (average) skills. I place a lot of value on this. I want to enter the work force with as many ‘tools’ in my toolbox. Not only do I believe these skills will help me, but they will also expand my capabilities as a learner.   

That being said, I plan for the content of this blog to kinda be all over the place. Some posts may be an attempt at trying something new, while others will be an expansion on my interests. 

My love for music will most likely be a driving force for this blog. I spend a lot of time in CO attending concerts in ‘hole in the wall’ type clubs and venues chasing underground artists on impeccable sound systems. I’m considering creating a post on the best sound systems in CO.

I also hope to use this blog to display local DJ’s to the rest of the community.



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