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Google My Maps: Printing Your Art

Printing art can be overwhelming, but for an artist, gaining control of the printing process is absolutely necessary. 

Carlos Gonzales is a senior art student at the University of Wyoming, and has spent several years crafting quality prints in various formats and mediums for projects related to his education and personal uses.

Back in 2016, during his freshman year of college, he began selling his work. Gonzales has continued his printing journey ever since, and has recently started worked with clothing. 

“Creating a print with color, quality of line, and texture that contests the original artwork is important to capture in a print of my work,” Gonzales says. “I hope to encapsulate the liveliness, thought, and care that went into my original work as closely as possible. 

So much, he explains, that whoever looks at it may find themselves wondering if it is actually the original piece.

In pursuit of crafting a print that looks as close to the original as possible, Gonzales utilizes a great deal of Laramie’s printing amenities.   

He finds most of his greatest printing successes with locally owned businesses, and sat down with me to share his experiences.  

This post will identify locations of printing services in Laramie. 

Where Can I Find Local and Reasonably Priced Printing?

Below is a map of five local locations in Laramie that provide an assortment of fairly priced printing services. Please click on the map and its icons for more information.

Modern Printing Co.

The Halm Super Jet
Modern Printing Co.’s completes a large format order. Photo courtesy of Modern Printing Co.’s Facebook page.

Modern Printing Co. offers a variety of printing utilities. It “provides letterpress, die-cutting, books, all types of conventional offsets, and digital printing services,” says Gonzales.

Modern Printing Co. eases the process of transforming a scribbled idea on a scratch piece of paper to your final printed product. According to Gonzales, Modern Printing Co. has graphic designers on staff that are adept in most Adobe softwares to assist you in designing decisions.

Jobs are done quickly and efficiently, as Gonzales explains that Modern Printing Co.’s printer is capable of printing up to, “five colors a pass.”

Modern Printing Co. is also concerned with its impact on the environment

Gonzales says, this printing spot places an emphasis on quantity in regards to usage. One of the staff members had a conversation with him regarding the number of products he had initially ordered in relation to what it was for, “to offer advice and ensure prints would not be wasted.”  

Laramie Screenprinting & Embroidery 

Printed and Ready to Wear
Screen printed tees, long sleeves, and hoodies on display at Laramie Screenprinting & Embroidery. Photo from Laramie Screenprinting & Embroidery’s Facebook page.

“Inexpensive while remaining personal,” Gonzales said. 

Laramie Screenprinting & Embroidery work closely with designers throughout the printing process. With 240 options to choose from, Laramie Screenprinting provides color samples to designers online and/or by mail. 

Gonzales explained how his experience included a staff member assisting him in converting his file to the required format.

“Although Laramie Screenprinting and Embroidery works with a variety of file types, one of my projects was the wrong size,” he said. “They (Laramie Screenprinting and Embroidery) helped me every step of the way.”

Rocky Mountain Shirtworks 

In motion
Rocky Mountain Shirtwork’s screen printer moves quickly during an order. Photo from Rocky Mountain Shirtwork’s Facebook page.

Rocky Mountain Shirtworks is a great spot for designers interested in printing on fabric, especially clothing. Along with printing, Rocky Mountain Shirtworks offers embroidery, explained Gonzales. 

Gonzales worked with Rocky Mountain Shirtworks to print shirts to promote an event. It’s meant for bulk type orders, as Gonzales said a minimum of 12 prints is guaranteed with every product in an order. 

He claimed the staff “adjusted his order,” so he only paid for what he wanted.

University of Wyoming Copy and Print Center 

Lending a Hand
A UW Copy and Print Center staff member works with a customer. Photo from The Copy and Print Center’s website via WyoWeb.

The UW Copy and Print Center offers posters, flyers, cards, books and booklets in big, small, and even medium sizes. 

Its services are very fast and responsive, Gonzales said. “I don’t often print out 50+ pages at a time, but when I do, I don’t,” he explained. “I come here and pay these fine people to do it.”

Services from The Copy and Print Center are reasonably priced, and students have the option of paying for prints via their student account and ID. 

Pinebeach Inc.

Up Close and Personal
A fresh print sits to dry. Photo from Pinebeach Inc.’s Facebook page.

Pinebeach Inc. provides custom screen printing and embroidery on name brand materials such as Nike, adidas, Carhartt, and more.  

“It definitely has the best presence for working strictly online,” says Gonzales. With three easy steps, designers can access Pinebeach Inc.’s services online. 

Notes on your desired print and design are encouraged within each step of the online process, which Gonzales noted has made his virtual experiences more personal. 

Quotes on printing orders can also be obtained online.


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