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Instagram Promotion

I frequently use Instagram and Canva, but prior to this project it had not occurred to me to employ them together.

Canva has great templates that I have used to elevate my presentations for my course work. I scrolled (what felt like for hours) trying to find a design that spoke to me and my brand.

To my surprise, these two programs worked amazing together and I really enjoyed the completed look it granted my Instagram posts. I definitely plan on using this in my professional and personal life.

Social media is a great way for non profit organizations to relay information to their desired publics. In the future I will most likely use Instagram to inform and promote my own work, and non profits.

Choosing a template was the most difficult aspect of this project. There were so many to choose from, and just when I would think I was decided on one I would come across another great design.

Clean and simple was what I decided on. I wanted something that would compliment each of my blog posts and photos, and I felt that a busy design might be distracting.

I chose the color orange to ascent each of my Instagram posts, because it’s vibrant and attention grabbing.


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