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Video Storytelling: The Art of Tattoos

As the semester came to a close, I was presented with my final journalistic assignment: the Video storytelling project.

Despite the limitations of current social distancing, I hoped to still produce something interesting and of quality. Especially, when considering the visual elements of the assignment.

Jake Bathens, long-time bartender, and I work together. I often times have conversations with him regarding the many tattoos he has covering his body, but his hands, neck, and face.

Bathens is a great storyteller, and I thought this was a perfect combination with the visually interesting art he has permanently poked into his body.

I really enjoyed this assignment, because I really love to work with a video camera. Shooting with Jake was my favorite part.

Editing, on the other hand, was where I struggled the most. Jake and I talked for almost an hour, and condensing that was difficult.

It was also a surprise to me how drastically the sun light changed while Jake and I talked. I didn’t utilize any lighting other than sunlight, and looking back on it I would implement more acquired lighting.

In the future, I plan to use video in my career. I think it is great content for a business or non profit’s social media to communicate with its publics. I also plan on utilizing the video editing skills I acquired for promoting my own work.

I had a really good time while filming this with Jake, and I’m more than happy to help in telling his (one of, anyway) story.


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