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Reflection: How’d I do?

Approaching this course, a little over three months ago, I anticipated to expand my skills in properly presenting and conveying messages/media digitally. Truthfully, I didn’t know what that would entail entirely, but I expected work in photography, video, and writing via online publications. 

Now, nine blog posts later, I have gained experience with a camera (as both a photographer and photojournalist), promotion and coverage on various social media platforms, interviewing, audio files, a video camera, and writing on a blog. 

Most importantly, I practiced how to develop a presence online over the course of the semester. 

New and Improved
My new ‘professional’ instagram I made during an assignment.

The biggest challenge for me was condensing the stories I uncovered, in almost all of my projects. Covering topics like identity, psychedelic experiences, sexuality, and self expression was difficult at times. 

This class really pushed me to make connections across complex ideas, and to examine stories and concepts from different perspectives. 

As mentioned in my previous posts, I believe that this skill is something I will be using in my future career. 

Reaching an intended audience with a desired message is necessary for businesses and nonprofits to be successful. This can be difficult in our current communication climate, as viewers rarely look at something for longer than 30 seconds.  

Therefore, the manner in which information is relayed is incredibly important. After a semester of practicing, I hope to utilize this in the future. 

The journalistic web story featuring Em Whipple and their award-winning lithographic print was my favorite assignment. I loved to listen and tell that story, especially because it was powerful. 

Whipple is an artist who utilizes their personal experiences, as a non-binary individual, as resource in their work.

Their prints visually communicate something quite personal through the meticulous process of lithography. 

The audio profile bringing forward Brandon Canino’s recountment of his experience with DMT was the most challenging assignment. 

The topic of DMT is controversial, and finding an approach to elevate this conversation as professional and credible was difficult. Especially, in only two minutes.  

It’s hard to believe that this is my tenth blog post. I’ve learned a great deal about multimedia production since then. 

If I could do anything different, it would be to give myself more time in between the interview and edit process. A little more time to digest a story will assist me in relaying it to others. 

It’s been a great semester and I hope to keep developing the skills and practices I encountered in this course. 

Goodbye for now!


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