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Live-Tweeting: Croft’s Psych Capstone Presentation

I used a journalistic approach in live tweeting Eston Croft’s capstone presentation for the University of Wyoming’s psychology department. I chose this approach because the purpose of this event was to inform an audience. Therefore, to effectively relay this information I conveyed a journalistic tone to my Twitter followers. 

This project was difficult for me at first, as I am someone who likes to take my time while writing. Due to the ‘live’ aspect of this assignment, I felt I had little time to produce tweets worthy of my profile. Even with the drafts I had prepared for the event. However, I didn’t have time to pinpoint my errors either, instead I was concerned with crafting and sending my next tweet. 

This experience forced me to react responsively. I learned to trust my gut, and go with that feels right. From a journalistic stand point I really enjoyed utilizing this media outlet, specifically the conciseness in language required to successfully live tweet an event. Twitter and other social platforms are something I (definitely) expect to be using in my future career. Organizations and nonprofits utilize these channels to communicate with their desired publics, which viewers see in real time with the option of providing feedback.

For the future, I wish to utilize the two way communication that is established with the audience via Twitter’s platform. I used hashtags frivolously in my tweets, but I still feel my project lacks engagement of viewers. Next time I plan on implementing more photo and video content within my coverage of the event.


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